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RemodelPRO has the expertise to ensure your new and improved bathroom will be on time, on budget, and look great. Whatever you want out of your bathroom, we can make it a reality. 


Some people use the bathroom just to “go to the bathroom,” but it’s also a place to get ready in the morning, make you feel clean, or take a relaxing bath. There are many ways to improve your bathroom and since you’re looking at this page, I’m sure you agree.


When you contact us to inquire about bathroom remodeling, we will listen to your needs, find out exactly what you want to achieve. The biggest thing that differentiates us from others is that we can move walls and build on additional space, giving you the custom bathroom space that you’ve always dreamed of.


Everybody uses their bathrooms daily and your bathroom should satisfy your needs. Maybe you and your significant other struggle to move around each other when getting ready in the morning or you feel cramped in the shower. RemodelPRO will enhance your bathroom to suit your needs.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Expand Your Bathroom

You’ll barely miss the few feet of space that we take from the adjacent room, but you’ll notice the huge improvement to your bathroom immediately. This is the #1 best upgrade to a bathroom.

Replace your bathroom floor with tile

Tile is a great choice in bathrooms because of its durability, beauty, and waterproof nature. You can also extend tile up the walls for a coordinating look that also provides long-lasting beauty.

Replace your faucet with a taller one

Is your bathroom’s faucet too close to the back of the sink or too short to really get your hands underneath it when you wash them? Put up with your frustration no longer when you get a modern faucet that’s designed with actual users in mind.

Install two sinks instead of one

If your bathroom has the space for it,  putting two sinks into your bathroom is one of the top remodeling choices you can make to increase your home’s value whenever you decide to sell it.

Turn a half bath into a full bath

A home with two full baths is typically a hotter item than one with one and a half baths. Many times, it’s easy to add a few feet to the bathroom in order to accommodate a bathtub and shower space.

“The RemodelPRO estimator was knowledgeable, personable and very professional. He bounced around ideas and worked with us to make sure we got what we wanted. Their work crews are efficient, hard working, skilled and clearly try to maintain a high standard of quality.”

– Barry S.Washington, DC 20015

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