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The Process


Schedule a Virtual Estimate

Start by scheduling your no obligation virtual estimate, using our scheduling tool. If you don’t already have the app, download any of the following apps on your phone – Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Zoom Meetings. Once you schedule a virtual estimate, we will contact you via email with detailed instructions how to connect.


Ask yourselves “TOP 10 Questions to help prepare for a renovation.” Make a list of favorites on Pinterest or Instagram and share it with us. Best if you already have the dimensions of the project area.

Team Up

Have your significant other join the call by sharing the instructions link. It’s good to have everyone on the same page from the get-go.

Connect with us

At the scheduled time, RemodelPRO will contact you. Guide us through a brief tour of the areas you want remodeled or renovated in your home.

Bounce Ideas

Share your remodeling or renovation ideas, sketches, drafts, pictures. Show your house and the area where the project will take place.

Get a Quote

Receive a thorough, accurate quote!

Wondering where to start your renovation project?
Here are our top questions to help you prepare.

  • Make a TO-DO list of things you want to change or update in your project.
  • Organize your TO-DO list in order of priority, so you can plan and budget accordingly
  • Create portfolio on Houzz or use a Binder to save images of sample projects or “ideas”
  • Call RemodelPRO to discuss your project ideas and budget
  • Review project budget, feasibility, and financing (options available, if needed)

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We use Google Hangouts, SKYPE, and Facetime to connect. Please specify your preference and we will accommodate.

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